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Guilt attack today!

My poor husband works hard for his (our) money.  He travels constantly for work.  And somewhere along the way, he jacked up his back.  He walks like a stooped, old man now.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I made an appointment with my chiropractor for him today.

I guess this is what I do now – I don’t actually make the money, I just make the appointments.   Well, and I make the cookies too!  And when I’m not doing all of that scintillating, value-add stuff…I go running (and when I say running, I mean jogging.  Home Mom just trying to keep it real – what’up what’up!!  But the jogging is where my need for a chiropractor stems from fyi).

Before my husband left for the appointment, I was kind enough to warn him about the underwear issue!

He wanted to know why, WHY the chiropractor would ever see his underwear!!  What kind of chiropractor is this anyway?!

So I explained that I thought his back problems might be stemming from a sciatica nerve issue and if that was indeed the case, then the chiropractor would want to do some muscle stimulation on his bongo drums.  While attaching the electrodes to his back and his bongos, the chiropractor would see his underwear.

I was just trying to help!  No one told me anything about the possibility of this happening when I saw the chiro for the first time, and I wish they had because I wore some serious granny panties.  That may have been left over from my maternity wardrobe.  Eight years ago!  Washed out, faded “nude” underwear is never flattering.  Ever.

But then when I had to go BACK for more follow up visits, I was kindof “stuck” wearing granny panties because it’s not like I could switch mid-stream to something…er…more “youthful” shall we say.  Because then the chiro would wonder what was up.  All of a sudden I make an about face and start wearing brightly colored underwear with lace?  I don’t think so.  I didn’t want the doctor to question my professionalism.

So, fair warning!  Just like mom said – always put on clean (cute, youthful, brightly-colored, maybe with some lace) underwear.  Just in case…

And ESPECIALLY when you go to see the chiropractor!

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