Everybody’s working for the weekend (except me)

Well…it’s Friday.  Is there any other child of the 80’s out there who has that Loverboy song running around in their head, or is it just me?  “Working for the Week-end.”  Remember it?

Here’s my stay at home mom interpretation:

Everybody’s working for the week-end!  (Uh…well…except for me, that is.)

Everybody wants a little romance. (Hmmm…perhaps.  I AM reading 50 Shades of Grey, after all.)

Everybody’s goin’ off the deep end!  (Maybe me too.)

Everybody needs a second chance!  (Ok…for sure me on this one.)

One thought on “Everybody’s working for the weekend (except me)

  1. I just caught up on your blog. You are so funny, I love today’s as Loverboy totally brings back the memories; the “you say you love…….” and the story about cleaning your own house:) Teachers and house cleaners are totally underpaid!!! Hope the van is running better. Hugs!!!

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