Of Flushots and Nanobots

We got our flushots the other day. I’m a huge fan of the pharmacy flushot set-up: easy in, easy out and we can huddle together in the “shot room” and jockey for who-goes-first position.  So fun.

Hubby and Sissy walk into the drug store and immediately beeline for the pharmacy section in the back. Sonny on the other hand prefers to mosey his way to Shotsville.  Why rush when you can wander around and look at all the fascinating “As Seen on TV” stuff?!

I was delayed in the car for a few minutes after everyone got out, so as I was doing my own beeline thing, I glimpsed Sonny staggering down one of the middle aisles, arms out and knees stiff, looking for all the world like Frankenstein playing Dance Dance Revolution.  Huh, very curious, but not surprising.

When Sonny finally caught up to us in the pharmacy area (where we’d filled out all the shot paperwork and had been waiting for him for 10 minutes), I asked him what Lurch Fest 2018 in aisle 5 was all about.

He replied with a usual fun fact (most likely gleaned from re-runs of The Office); “Did you know that if you clench your butt, it takes stress off your knees.”

Oh? Good to know.  And are your knees under a lot of stress lately?!

At this point the pharmacist comes to get us and the flushots begin. As soon as I got my shot, my arm started to hurt and the pain immediately migrated to my shoulder blade.  I mentioned this in an aside to Sonny.

Now you have to understand that in addition to the endless font of fun facts, another charming personality quirk of Sonny’s is that he comes up with the most outrageous explanation for things, and that promptly becomes the full and complete truth. He takes after his mother in that respect, she said proudly.

His explanation for the crawling arm pain? A nanovirus.  You see, instead of injecting me with a flushot, the pharmacist actually unleashed a billion nanobots into my veins.

Why yes, this DOES seem like the most likely explanation. The nanobot struggle is real, people.  No wonder why Sonny’s knees are stressed!