Not a Creature Was Stirring…

When the dog begins to randomly walk into the living room while no one’s there, with a friendly look on his face and his tail slowly wagging – acting for all the world like he sees dead people??!

Suspect dead people.

But if the dead people start leaving tiiiiiiiny liiiiiiittle poopies all over the living room rug??

Begin suspecting mice instead.

Dead people don’t leave little poopies, I think. Nor do they gnaw the bottoms out of every chip bag in the pantry.  Nor do they create some weirdo stash of dog food in the winter scarves.  Which is how we discovered the mouse problem in the first place – when we were sorting out the winter scarves, second drawer down in the laundry room, and found a stash of dog kibble surrounded by little poopies.

Uhhhh, gross. And now no one in the house will ever wear a scarf again.

Also? Houston, I think we have a problem.  (And when I say “Houston” I really mean “Hubby” and he agreed there was a problem so he set a trap which he stuffed with chips and dog kibble.)

It worked!

We walked away from the experience believing we got the one mouse in da’ house.

Oh, hoh, hoh. Foolish mortals.  Turns out we only got the muth-ah mouse.  Who had, before she dined on a final serving of chips, stashed her babies in the living room, specifically in the piano.

Thus the dog’s subsequent and super creepy “I see dead people” behavior.

By the bye, you know what’s really, REALLY hard to get off a piano?!? A mouse.  Especially if all you’re using is a coffee can and grown lady screams to entice it.

mouse on the pianoAnd even harder that one mouse?? Three.  Three mice in a baby grand piano.

Thank Heaven for Houston. I’m not 100% sure how Houston got those cute l’il rat bastards guck, guck, guck out of the piano.  I didn’t see it because I was shuddering and crying – while researching plague and pestilence – in another room.  So this will go down as a great mystery in our marriage since I don’t ever want to actually KNOW how Houston got those mice out of the piano.

Muth-ah mouse out of the laundry room and three baby mice out of the piano? Done and done.  We are now done with the mice.

Until Houston accidentally cc’d me on a text to Sissy wherein he mentioned that he had caught TWO MORE MICE in the living room and set some traps there so she was to keep the dog out.

Yep.  Two.  More.  Mice.

What the frickin’ WHAT?!? Mystery, mystery! La, la, la, la.  Mystery.

But NOW we’re done, right? Yes, I believe that NOW we are done with the mice.  Now.

Kinda wish it HAD been dead people after all.

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