Week 12 – Potstirrers

We continue our celebration of Week 12 of P90X by taking a closer look at:

World Famous Karen Potstirrers…

[I can see the surprise on your face; you didn’t see this coming, did you?]

When you’ve targeted your “glamour” muscles enough (shoulders, eyelashes, biceps etc. – Hey!  I didn’t name them the glamour muscles.  T-dog did.) and they’re cramped and  even your fingers can no longer go on…you throw in some World Famous Karen Potstirrers to loosen everything up.

I don’t know who Karen is.  I don’t think we meet her in any of the dvd’s.  But she must be awesome to have a stretch named after her!  Just friggin’ awesome.

Karen’s Potstirrers consist of us bending at the waist.  We pretend that first-the-left-arm-then-the-right-arm is stirring an entire vat of soup.  What makes this stretch so enjoyable is that Tony and his Flying Monkeys always do this shtick wherein they NAME the soup they’re stirring.  It’s so funny I forgot to laugh.

Tony will ask, “what kinda soup ya makin’?” and the cute, greasy-haired German girl will reply with a flawless “vee vill ask zee qwestions” accent, “German Potato Soup, Sieg Heil!”

Then some buff dope in the back will say “Okra Stew.”

[Shut it!]

Then Tony will say, “Lobster Bisque.”

[Really?!  Who are you kidding?  You haven’t had dairy since 1987.  And there’s no way you’d ever MAKE or EAT lobster bisque.]

You know what I’m stirring up?  For a change-of-pace I’m stirring up some PIE.  So that I can shove it in your pie-hole, Tony, and shut you up already!!!


Food Update: (why am I doing a daily Food Update?  If you recall, I shot my big mouth off and said I could go TWO WHOLE WEEKS without going to the grocery store.  Now I’m not even a week into this and we’re down to our last gallon of milk and I’m starting to feel a vague sense of panic.)

  • Breakfast – I had a yogurt and 11 cups of coffee.  It was a snow day for the kids so they were on their own while I was locked in the computer room doing the taxes.  But judging from what was left on the table THAT NO ONE CLEARED AWAY EXCEPT FOR ME, I believe they each had a bowl of cereal and a glass of juice.  Husband?  No idea what he had.  He slipped out the door after he shoveled the driveway.  And disappeared into thin air so he wouldn’t have to get involved with the snow day nonsense.
  • Lunch – Pulled pork sandwiches on from-the-freezer-to-the-table-in-5-minutes freshly baked rolls, grapes and chocolate ice-cream cone carrot sticks (this is a fun way to dress up plain ol’ carrot sticks by placing a black olive on the end and calling them “chocolate ice-cream cone carrot sticks.”  It’s cute and creative, right?  Right?!)
  • Dinner – Individual shepherd’s pies served in french onion soup crocks.  Am I awesome or what?!  In the process, I used up left-over: sloppy joe meat AND pulled pork, frozen mashed potatoes, frozen corn-on-the-cob from last summer, frozen peas.  Served it with freshly baked bread (dough thawed from the freezer that a.m.).  Had home-made apple crumble topped with vanilla ice-cream for dessert.  Again…am I good, or am I good??!  I think that might have been a swan song of sorts because now I’m wondering if I should have SAVED the ice-cream so I could melt it down to make milk if we run out of milk?  But we’re kinda low on the ice-cream now too.  So maybe I could melt down cream cheese instead?  We have plenty of that.  But it might be kind of thick…so I might mix it with water.  Just throwing out some ideas.  Not making any decisions yet.  We’ll see how the milk holds up first.

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