Did anyone see this latest season of Biggest Loser?  I did.  Well, actually, only one episode.  But it was a gem – filled with life lessons and pratfalls.  Just the way I like it!

In this particular episode, one of the chicks has finished up her grueling workout on the treadmill.  Celebrating her success…she made it through!  Rockin’ it!!!!

The trainer dude walks away from her while tossing off the comment, “The treadmill is still running.”  Treadmill Chick acknowledges, wipes her brow and then steps RIGHT ON THE TREADMILL THAT’S STILL RUNNING!


She crashes to the ground and rolls around on the floor like a turtle with its soft underbelly exposed.

This whole scene is a perfect metaphor for my New Stay at Home Mom life.  I’m rockin’ it.  What up, what up?!  Home Mom in the house!  Doin’ it all AND savin’ money.  Wow!  I’m good.  7+ months into this gig, and maybe I’ve made it through the rain?  I know I kept my point of view.  I made it through the rain…and found myself respected…by the others WHOOO got rained on TOO and made it throooooooogh! (Barry Manilow, late 1980.  Once again I’ve proven my point that there’s an 80’s song for every moment of life.  Eat it, Yoshi!)


Whaaaaa?  Whaaaaaaa happened?!??  [tweet, tweet, tweet go the birds circling around my head]

My grocery bill was HOW MUCH?!!?  $258?!??!!  Oh-Em-Geeeee!!!!

Ok.  Something has to change RIGHT NOW!  I canNOT incur another bill like that.  That’s ridiculous.  We don’t need MORE food in this house.  I’m like the Doomsday Prepper of food, for Heaven’s sake!  My family could live on what we have in our fridge/freezer/pantry for 2 weeks ALONE (if not even longer) without me going to the store again.

What’s that?  Challenge extended??!


Challenge accepted!

Starting now, no trips to the grocery store.  Two weeks.  We’re living off the fat of our land…uh, house.  And for fun?  I’ll document our success via this blog.

Yesterday’s meals:

  • Breakfast = cinnamon raisin bagels and cheesy scrambled eggs mixed with leftover Easter ham.
  • Lunch = kids were at Staycation camp learning golf and got a “free” lunch there.  Hubby and I went to Freddy’s for a burger and fries.  Whaaa?!?  Whaaaa happened?!?  Ok, starting now!  No NOW!!
  • Dinner = I served the family mac n’ cheese, peas and applesauce.  I ate half a turkey sandwich left over from Best Day Ever lunch.  Dessert was Bananas Foster over vanilla ice cream.

Rockin’ it.  Home Mom in the house!  What up, what up?!??

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