Week 12 – Ballistic Stretch

[Remember to act surprised, dammit!]

We continue our celebration of Week 12 of P90X with a deep-dive into Ballistic Stretches.  Or as I call them: Total B.S.

Clearly Tony has run out of things to do to occupy us, so he’s just throwing in some Total B.S. to fill up time.

It completely reminds me of “Stations” in highschool gym class.   “Stations” was the day – once a semester or so – when the gym teachers were so exhausted from intro-ing us to square dancing, jazzercise, badminton etc that they just gave up and had nothing planned.  Instead, they set up “Stations” around the gym.  Which basically consisted of 1) that metal contraption that houses the basketballs placed by ONE basketball net pulled down from the rafters; 2) some orange cones lined up in the other corner of the gym for scooter races (but no scooters); 3) some mats set on the floor by the “ropes” (not that we would EVER voluntarily do anything THERE!).

I always preferred the unofficial “Station” located on the bleachers.  Huddled with the other Senior girls.  Where we compared hairstyles and talked about all the kids dopey enough to actually change into their gym clothes during “Stations.”

I mean, really.  What a waste of time!!!

Which is what Tony is doing when he throws in some Ballistic Stretches – which are basically just circles-in-the-air you make with your arms, and/or arm-wrap-arounds applied to your upper body.  Or as Tony calls it, “the lovin’ and the huggin’ of thyself.”  Said in his demented, faux-preacher voice.  Gaaah!  It’s just so horrible I can’t even talk about it anymore.  Other than to say that I’m a total dumba$$ for having gotten changed into my gym clothes for this B.S., Tony.


Food Update (from Monday):

  • Breakfast – cinnamon french toast stick things, bacon, juice.
  • Lunch – I packed the kids noodle cups, clementines, Easter candy.  I met some girlfriends for lunch at a Mexican restaurant (which is not a grocery store so I’m still flying within the established parameters.  Eat it, Yoshi!).  I have no idea what Hubby did for lunch.  Not my problem.
  • Dinner – nachos, bean-and-cheese burritos, pea-pods, orange creamsicle frosted cookies.  Yes, a bit on the lame side…but I finished strong and that’s all that matters.

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