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Sonny and I took a nice, long walk with the dog.  During which he updated me on the golf camp he and Sissy are taking as part of our Spring Break Staycation.  He has never taken an official golf lesson before – or played any real golf.  Below are his musings on the topic:

“The people make it look WAY easier than it really is.”

[Mmm hmmm, that they do!  This is all part of the problem with golf.]

“And you think you’re gonna hit the ball really hard…but then it just goes ‘boop’.” (here he holds up his thumb and forefinger and shows me a distance of two inches)

[Yes, the “boop effect” is also part of the golf problem.] 

“But they have all these sharp sticks.  As many as you want or can put in your pockets.”

[Bonus!  I knew there was a silver lining with golf.]

ME:  “The sharp sticks have a name, do you know what they’re called?”

Sonny:  “Tees.”

ME:  “Good.  Do you know how that’s spelled?”  (They’ve been working on homophones at school so I was thinking he was going to mistake the spelling for t-e-a-s-e.)

Sonny: “T”

[Another problem id’d with golf.  Too much tricky spelling.  Dumb it down already.]

Still Sonny:  “And you know what else, Mom?  Don’t try to sharpen a pen in the pencil sharpener.  Ink squirts out the back.”

[And there you have it.  Everything you need to know as a Golf Newbie.  Especially that part about the ink.  Don’t do that.  That sounds like a bad plan.]

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