Stick a fork in me…

I’m done!

It’s been two weeks…and not a grocery trip to be found.

We’re out of milk.   And we’re down to one egg which I’ve been guarding like Gollum-with-his-gold-ring (Precioussss, PRECIOUSSSSS!).  I sent the last fresh fruit in the house off in the kids’ lunches yesterday (an apple – sliced and divided among the two).  It reminds me of the time when I was doing the Adkins’ diet.  And I felt like I would KILL for a piece of fresh fruit.  Like I would kill everyone AND the horses they rode in on for a piece of fresh fruit.  Just one piece of fruit.  Kill ALL the people and horses.  Ok, cutting that trip down memory lane short.

But thank GOD that juice and Cliffbar fruit-rolls are considered servings of fruit, ’cause otherwise I’d be a cheap AND a bad AND a tripping down memory lane mother.

Admittedly, I had to break out the spicy, pickled green beans (originally intended for a Bloody Mary accoutrement) to pack in the kids’ lunches today as “a veggie” since I used up the final three carrots in last night’s ham-and-navy-bean soup (I also used up that weird ham bone from Easter which I’m so pleased about because – Ugh.  That thing is just nasty looking.  I shudder to even think of where that belongs on the pig).

And I sent Hubby off to work with left-over rice, green beans and bacon wrapped-shrimp from two nights ago.  That dinner was an epic fail with the kids but Hubby hasn’t had it yet because he was out-of-town when it went down.  I sent off the rest of the key lime cheesecake squares with him too.  I made enough to feed an army (which, turns out, didn’t want to be fed key lime cheesecake squares).  Some squares already went to Sissy’s end-of-year book club party…now the rest are going to his co-workers in my first “little lady at home sends treats to hubby’s co-workers” move.  I don’t know about you, but those pompous “little lady at home” presents always made me resentful and filled me with hatred in a GET A FRICKIN’ JOB! sort of way.  You too??

But we’re finishing strong on this end.  A pound of frozen hamburger is being turned into sloppy joes tonight.  The Final Four (rolls-in-the-freezer, that is) will be used too.  A salad-which-is-all-lettuce-all-the-time-with-maybe-some-flecks-of-red-onion-which-is-technically-considered-a-veggie will be served as well.  And what for dessert?  What for dessert?!  What can I make for dessert with one PRECIOUSSSSS egg?!?

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