Coca-Cola Mad Men

I was at a gas station the other day – deciding which arm and leg to hand over this time.  (Come on!  You have to agree that gas is soooo expensive.  Remember way back in the early 90’s when we had our Chrysler LeBaron convertibles and it only cost us a whopping $10 to fill the tank completely up?!  That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout.  Remember that?  And remember how we didn’t care what the temperature was?  We were in a convertible!  So if it meant we put the top down but kept all the windows rolled up and the heater blasting, then that’s what we had to do.  And remember that one time we left the top down overnight and it rained into the car and come the next morning we couldn’t deal with the stupid mess so we took our sister’s car to work and left her with a sopping wet car to take to school??  Wasn’t that so creative what she did with the beach towel?!  Ohhhhhh, weren’t those convertible days FUN?!?  Hey.  Wait.  I see what you were trying to do there; You were trying to distract me from the price of gas with all of our fun convertible memories.  Nuthin’ doin’.  Movin’ on…)

I’m staring at the digital readout at the gas pump which indicates I am purchasing upwards of fifty THOUSAND dollars’ worth of gas when two guys in a white, unmarked pickup truck pull in.

They’re wearing polo shirts and khakis and they approach the pump I’m at, but from the other side.  On foot.  iPhone cameras clicking away.

No…that’s not disturbing or suspicious at all, ya Weirdos.

So I say, “Hey!  Are you guys somehow stealing my credit card information with your phones?”

They don’t say anything, they just laugh.

So then I say, “Ha, ha, ha.  I noticed you just laughed.  And didn’t actually SAY that you weren’t stealing my credit card information.”  You gotta put it out there.  Let the criminals know you’re on to them.

Sensing I’m kindof hoping we’re all just joking about the credit card stealing, one guy replies, “Yes, we’re taking pictures of your credit card information.  It makes it easier to remember that way.”

Good point.  Hardy, har, har. 

Immediately afterwards the other guy says, “Actually we work for Coca-Cola.  We’re just taking pictures of our latest advertisement.”

Hmmmm…sure.  Because the advertisement above MY side of the pump is talking about how you can buy three candy bars inside for $2.00. 

So then the guys come around my side of the pump and exclaim, “Oh!  You don’t have one over here.” 

So then I go to their side of the pump and exclaim, “Oh!  Look.  There’s a coke advertisement over here.  We should get a picture of it.”

Aren’t we all so funny?  And I’m glad we were just joking about the credit card stealing.

We walk away chuckling.  The end.

But beware of men in unmarked cars taking pictures of your credit card with their iPhones at the gas station.  They may not always be Coca-Cola Mad Men.  My mother would want me to warn you of this. 

Now the end.