Martin Luther King Jr Day

It’s been a dozen plus years since I had today off.  Granted, this year I had today “off” just like I have every other day “off,” but since the kids and husband both had it off too, we put it to good use and went ice skating.

It’s been years since I went ice skating.  Just enough years that I forgot how much I hate ice skating.

But my kids love it!

My son, for example, ice skates the way he does everything else…full-on, balls-to-the-wall, no holds barred.  Slamming into walls and wiping out every which way, lathered with sweat and enjoying the heck out of it.

Then there’s my daughter.  Like a colt on skates.  Tentative at first with her long, long legs…but because she is such an inherent athlete, she’s skates as gracefully as a reed sways in the wind.  No wipe-outs for her…well, except for when that kid using a bucket (?) came diagonally across the ice and took her out.  Otherwise she was as lovely as a princess in a pink leopard sweatshirt on the ice can be.

The kids do three times around the rink for every one-time-around for me.  As my calves are seizing up in my hockey skates (no figure skates big enough for my size 10 boats) I decided it was bad timing on Tony Horton’s part to have this morning be “P90X-Legs and Back” workout morning.  Moron.

Anyway – is it possible to be totally jealous of a 10 and 8 year old?  I soooo want to be them when I grow up.  There’s just so much to admire there.

Which brings me to my husband.  I love the man.  But he is not one with the skating rink.  He hates ice skating more than I do (I think that’s proper English.  I was thinking of saying “He hates skating more than me,” but that would imply he hates skating slightly more than he hates me, right?  Which might actually be true in this instance because I’m the one who got him the iceskating outing as a Christmas present).

Lots of grumbling under his breath later and he’s finally out on the ice.  A quarter turn around the rink and….well….here’s how my daugther describes my husband’s Skating Clusterbomb 2013 to my son, “Mommy and I were looking at eachother.  Then we heard this BOOM!!!  You could also feel it through the ice and in your chest.  When we turned around we saw Daddy lying on his back trying to catch his glasses.  He said a lot of bad words.  And when he came to the door he got off the ice.”

Ahhhh……a day off well spent!

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