Cereal overload.  We have no fewer than 12 boxes of cereal in the pantry.  Half of which have a cup or less of cereal in them.  In my youth, when the cereals got to the cup-or-less point, my mother would combine them all into one package.  But I found there was nothing MORE disappointing than thinking you were getting Captain Crunchberries and instead got some combination of cheerios, raisin bran and stale Lucky Charms.  Oh, there might have been three and a half crunchberries at the bottom of the morass which I suppose entitled the dry-as-death mixture to remain in the Captain Crunchberries box, but there wasn’t enough of the crunchberries to make up for all of the non-sugar cereal.  That was for darn sure!!

And there wasn’t enough of ANYTHING when you had to add milk my mother MADE to that horrific mixture!

Yes.  My mother “made” milk when I was little.  She made it out of water and a yellow container.  It tasted like water and yellow container.  And had a weird blue outline to it.

Should I also start doing this?  I’m all about economizing and saving money (please refer to my scintillating insights on how to do this through alphabetical-order spice management), but should I also employ the constantly-running-out-of-fresh-milk-and-being-forced-to-make-pretend-milk ploy??  Granted, my mother did have 5 kids under the age of 10 to feed so maybe that was partially responsible for the milk mis-planning that occurred in my childhood.  In which case maybe I won’t go that far.

But I can at least combine the cereals and see how it goes.  Now, should I put the resulting jumble in the Cheerios box to truly set expectations?  Or should I leave it in the Booberry box so as to peak interest??

Decisions, decisions.

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