My Hair

I have to do something about my hair!  I have several inches of orange hair starting at the roots (which fades to frizzy gray at the temples within three days of coloring) followed by glossy chestnut brown from the ears down.  Not quite the look I’m going for since it implies more cheap clown, less successful working woman.  And it can’t say anything good at all about me as a stay at home mom.

So…should I let it go totally gray?  In my mind there’s a fantasy wherein I go totally gray and people wonder how old I actually am because I have “old” hair but such a youthful face!


So, Plan B involves going to a salon to consult with a pro.  But when I was a working woman, dropping $150 every 6-8 weeks was an option…as a stay at home mom, not so much.

Plan C involves washing my hair THEN dyeing it.  Instead of doing things the usual way, which would be running on the treadmill for an hour, blow-drying my sweaty, salty head and THEN dyeing my hair.  I think the salt particles attached to the first 3 inches of my hair end up resisting the color?!

I implemented Plan C yesterday.  And I used a dark brown color (instead of my usual light brown – Go Lighter As You Get Older is a slogan I simply cannot adopt!  See references above to 3 inches of frizzy red hair).

I came out looking like Eddie Munster (minus the widow’s peak).  Which is to say I had this clearly-defined black line all around my hairline (minus the widow’s peak).

The worst part was that I had to attend a School Advisory Council meeting last night – complete with other parents, school principals and administrators, and the parish priest!  We discussed school safety and there was a Federal Agent/parent present to give his take on how we can improve the safety of the school.  I’m sure everyone was giving me the side-eye and thinking to themselves “we should eliminate the goth chick on the committee for starters.”


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