Making Soup

I got up early and made apple cinnamon muffins and hot chocolate for the kids’ first day back to school yesterday.

Then, while they were still sitting at the breakfast table, I pulled out the cookbook.  (Rock on, my main girl, Betty Crocker!!)

Them: “Whatcha doin’, Mom?”

Me: “I’m gonna make chicken soup from the leftover chicken last night.”

(side note: I made a roast chicken and all the trimmings Sunday night.  I thought it would be a nice way to wrap up Christmas break.  The family could sit down for one final, balanced meal before the lunacy of practices, homework, after-school appts etc. intruded into our Winter Idyll.  And when I say I cooked a chicken, I mean my husband did.  I’ve never cooked a chicken or turkey in my life.  It makes me gag to see a little diaperless [headless?] newborn all plucked and waiting-to-be-roasted in the pan.  Gaaack!  Gaaaaaaccccckkkkk!!!  See what I mean?!?  And let’s not even talk about the carcass.  I pitch it out before my husband’s even done carving it most times.  Or, in the case of Thanksgiving, I send it home with my mother-in-law.  But a new day has dawned.  I’m a stay at home mom with no job and I’m saving money by making my own soup!  Makes me feel like a Depression Era Heroine in a chicken-for-every-pot sort of way.  I just need to get me a cute apron to complete the role.)

Sissy: (my daughter – not actually named Sissy – but referred to as Sissy for blog purposes so as to preserve anonymity) “What do you need a recipe for?  It’s easy.  You just add noodles and soup!”

Why yes!  Yes!  That must be it!!  Out of the mouth of babes as it were…

This whole time I thought you had to do something much more complicated, like boil the baby-bones and skim scuzzy stuff off the top afterwards.  But now I’m on to you, Betty.  I’m on to you!  Ohhhhh, Betty Bettybettybetty.  How you’ve failed me!  Just add noodles and soup?  So as to MAKE soup?!?  Brilliant!!  We’re besties, Betty…why have you been keeping this from me the whole time?!

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