The morning after the first holiday party of the season

Did I mention I’m new to my neighborhood?  Well – I am.  And I’ve now learned that there’s an annual tradition in the ‘hood wherein the ladies get together for a holiday bash.  Based on last name, you’re supposed to bring an appetizer, a bottle of wine or dessert.  Lots of desserts and wine…but the apps were of the slim-to-none-and-slim-left-town variety.

So the email exchange this a.m. with some of my ‘hood peeps recapping the party went a little something like this:

ME:  Holy S*^#!  My wagon is draggin’ today!!  I think someone slipped me a mickey last night.  It may have been the werewolf boy who showed up at the end.  Did anyone else see him?!?  Ugh.  I can’t even imagine how you poor saps-who-work are dealing.  Unless of course you’re feeling fine because you didn’t drink too much wine and/or had more than a fancy snowflake sugar cookie and some cashews to eat!!!

REPLY FROM 1ST NEIGHBOR:  I overdosed on the pistachio brittle and malbec

REPLY FROM 2ND NEIGHBOR:  OMG!!! I am dying, trying to figure out my early exit strategy from work. Not good!!

REPLY FROM 3RD NEIGHBOR:  Thank goodness my boss is gone today…and hopefully he doesn’t have a nanny cam hidden in the office! The one saving grace is that when I got home I had a bowl of mashed potatoes. I WILL be leaving early today.

REPLY FROM 4TH NEIGHBOR:  oh girls…you should have left when 5TH Neighbor and I did!  I had a tidge of a headache when I woke up (and went and worked out at a 6:30 boot camp) but took 3 Advil and am fine.  It would have been helpful to have SOME FOOD!!!  I didn’t even see any appetizers…were they there and I didn’t see them????  did you girls go out afterwards???

And yes, after dropping me off at my house at 11 p.m. some morons went out afterwards.  They are the ones currently planning their early-exit strategy from work.

At some point don’t you get too old for this foolishness?!  Next year A-W should bring appetizers and leave the wine and desserts to X, Y and Z!!!

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