A Visit from St. Nicholas

This is the “Preparing for St. Nicholas’ Visit” play that’s going on in my kitchen right now….

(FYI – for those who don’t know, St. Nicholas Day Eve is like the poor man’s version of Santa Claus wherein you leave out your shoe the night of December 5th and St. Nicholas comes and fills it with candy & treats.)

Sonny – Guys!  It’s time to put out our shoes!!

Husband – (from the bowels of the house somewhere) No!  That’s not our tradition.  St. Nicholas isn’t gonna come and put candy in your shoes.

Sonny – I’m gonna give it a try and I’m gonna use Daddy’s shoe.

Sissy – Wait!  I’m gonna use Daddy’s shoe too.

Sonny – No, I already called Daddy’s shoe.  You can use Mommy’s shoe.

Sissy – No!  It’s big, but not as big as Daddy’s.  That’s not fair if you get more candy in your shoe than I get in mine.

Husband – (from the bowels of the house somewhere) Guys!  We don’t celebrate St. Nicholas day!!!  It’s not our tradition!!  He’s not gonna come!!!!

Wife (me!) – ok, well it’s worth a try I suppose.  But don’t say you weren’t warned.  And you’ll use your own shoes.

-End Scene-

And shhhhh…St. Nicholas will be coming tonight.  My son’s been going on and on about this whole thing for a week or more so St. Nicholas is prepared to bring his A Game tonight.  But he won’t be putting anything in Daddy’s shoe.  Doubters aren’t welcome here.  Plus it’s too big and it would use up all the candy St. Nick has.

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