I believe I have received the highest compliment of my entire baking career.

From my daughter.

After she tasted a new recipe I made (comprised of butter, brown sugar, milk chocolate and almonds – what’s not to like?!?).

“Wow, Mom!  This is really good!!  It tastes just like store-bought.  Not homemade at all!!!”

Which leaves me to wonder what kind of crappy crap I’ve been making over the years?  Or at least this most recent holiday season??!

One thought on “Store-bought

  1. Ugh! Store-bought sweets are my biggest pet peeve. Ask hubbie who thinks Subway cookies (at least the ones that “bend,” indicating softness–who knew there was a science to that crap?!) are mighty dandy. What’s the matter with that kid? Homemade is always better than store-bought. Always. Unless of course you suck in the kitchen. Love you!!
    ~ Emily’s Sissy

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