Triathlon Talk

Super bummed the Olympics are coming to a close…

But ya know what should’ve come to a close way sooner?!?

All the nonsensical chatter by the male announcers when one of them-there l’il lady athletes was trying to win a medal after…gasp…having a baby!

That was the big topic of convo during Nicola Spirig Hug’s triathlon race. It was a long race, so lots of male t.v. announcer yakity yak yak.  Imagine the nerve: her trying to win a medal, after having a baby, after having already won a medal.  Sounds like that feat has been accomplished by very few women in Olympic history.

Weird that. But really, chick is an Olympic gold medal winner who then made it to another Olympic games.  Howz about we focus on that for a quick sec instead of making women like her sound like freakshows.

Also? I didn’t hear anyone talking about Michael Phelps in the  context of his parenthood.  Or that diver dude who won bronze with his toddler up in the stands.  Or that Marathoner Meb and his three daughters.

I may be over-the-top with this, but my thinking here is that guys talking about female Olympic athletes in the context of their motherhood is demeaning in lots of ways. So let’s knock that off ay-sap.

Ok, deep breath. Enough about male t.v. announcers.  Back to Nicola.  All’s well that ends well and she seemed pretty happy with her silver despite all the fellers who thought she should’ve felt otherwise.

An Olympic athlete? Gold medal winner??! Who then won a silver medal? Who’s also a MOTHER!??!

Rock on wit’ yer bad self, Girlfriend.

What really puzzles me though is how no one is making any sort of hoo-rah about Gwen Jorgensen being an ACCOUNTANT for heavens-to-Betsy!

Talk about nutso. Gals doing MATH?!  For a LIVING??!

Weird that. How was that allowed to slip through the system?!

But in my humble opinion, her whole gold medal winning backstory is even weirder.

Totes far-fetched if’n you ask me.

There she was. Sitting in a cubicle, doing math-y type activities when the USA Triathlon calls?!

Uh, hello, is Gwen Jorgensen there? Oh, this IS Gwen? Hiya.  How’s the math goin’??  Listen, this is USA Triathlon calling.  We want to sign you up for some triathlons and possibly a gold medal at some Olympics in the future.  You in?  You are??!  In which case, can we have your social security number. 

I mean, are women actually sitting in cubicles doing math for a living?

And are phone calls from USA Triathlon actually happening??

Because if so, you know what the.  Weirdest.  Thing of all is?? That USA Triathlon hasn’t called me yet.  Not that I do math for a living or anything.  So that must be the reason I haven’t gotten my call.  Yep, definitely the reason.  I’m also the mother of two.  So there’s that as well.  Oh, and I don’t do triathlons.  But pay that no never mind.

Bye, Olympics!  It’s been fun.  Sorry to see you go!!

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