Fundraising Walk

Sonny & Hubby went to a fundraising walk across town this morning.

When they came back this afternoon, I asked Sonny how it went.

His reply? “I had the best breakfast burrito I ever had!”

Hmmm, ok. So no report on the actual walk? Because it seems like you should talk more about the walk than the breakfast burritos.  But something about this is starting to sound familiar: every time Sonny is involved in a walk, he tries to do everything else but the walk.

As Sonny finishes his comment, Hubby, who’s passing through the room says, “Yeah, and I asked him to get me one too. He was gone for ten minutes and then came back with a plastic snake.”

This is all sounding just about right for Sonny at a fundraising walk.

As Hubby continues on his way out of the room, Sonny turns to me, eyes glinting with excitement, “Mom! I won the snake in a fishing game!”

Yep, just exactly…totally…right.  Glad you had fun, Sweetie.

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