Medal Much?

Sissy’s team won the Academic Decathlon.  And now they go to Nationals in California. But first?  They were allowed to wear their medals – each kid on the team earned at least three during the competition – to school the Monday after the big win.

As I say: If you got ’em, wear ’em!  (I actually say: If you got ‘em, drink ‘em.  But not everyone was in the military and would understand the reference.  Also, a comment like that is highly inappropriate for this blog, so you can keep that to yourself.)  As I also say: If you EARNED ’em, wear ’em.  And these kids earned them, diligently preparing for six months straight with study sessions four mornings a week before school, on Sunday nights and even during school breaks!  God bless these kids.  Wear those medals loud and proud, you deserve it!  And I’m not even joking when I say loud.  Because when Sissy went off to school on Medal Monday, she sounded like she was wearing a suit of armor.  Clunk, clankclank.  Clunkety clankclunk.

What did Sissy think about the whole thing? She said she finally understood how the dog felt.  All the medals on her neck reminded her of the tags on the dog’s collar that jingle and jangle at every step.

Speaking of dogs…and tags…

One time when it was our first dog and we had no kids, I came home from work and couldn’t find the dog anywhere.  Usually the dog would spend all day napping in the front hall, but when I looked for him there, all I found was an empty front hall and a gaping hole in the floor where the air conditioning vent grate belonged. Hmmm, weird.

After calling and calling the dog’s name, he finally appeared at the top of the stairs with his tail tucked and the vent grate hanging from his collar. Wha’up, wha’up Thuggy D?! Gangsta in da house!!

Apparently, the dog had been sleeping on the nice cool air coming out of the vent. But when he got up from his nap, the rabies tags on his collar lodged in the grate and it got pulled up too.  I can’t even imagine what crazy squirreling around must have ensued as he tried to ditch his new three pound Def Jam Playaz Circle necklace before he finally called it quits and hid upstairs from the madness, with Mr. T. still going on around his neck.

Yep, I can still picture the dog standing at the top of the stairs with the vent grate hanging from his neck. And if I squint hard enough with my mind’s eye, you know what it looks like?  It looks almost like an Academic Decathlon medal.  Or three.

Congrats, Sissy and Team. California here you come!!

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