Happiness Is…

It’s Sonny’s birthday today and we got him a remote controlled helicopter thingie with a built-in camera*.  (Yes, it’s a “helicopter thingie” because if we called it a drone, we’d have to register it with the FDA…or is it the NRA?!)

Anyway, what’s a freshly minted twelve-year-old boy gonna do with something like that?! Lots of things, for sure, but his initial thought was, “Wow!  I can use this to spy on all the girls!!”

Yes, Sweetie, that’s exactly why we got it for you. Girls do a lot of stuff that requires spying on, and we’re putting you in charge of that.

He promptly took the helicopter thingie outside, flew it for 3 seconds and got it stuck in the tree.  My response?  “How do the girls look from up there!?!  They doin’ anything we should know about??”

Apart from the early morning birthday hi-jinks, I wanted to share with you this poem Sonny wrote about Happiness.


Happiness looks like a rainbow floating on clouds.

It sounds like an ice cream truck

and tastes like fairy cupcakes with sprinkles and whipped cream.

Happiness smells like freshly baked bread.

It looks like a birthday party with a piñata.

Happiness makes me feel like I have no homework.


Happiness 001

It’s a little heavy on the food analogies, but you get the gist.

And speaking of happiness, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank my son for bringing so much happiness into our lives.  Since the day you were born, Darling Boy, I’ve felt like I had no homework.  I’ve been a little hungrier than usual for some reason…but back to that no homework feeling.  Thank you for all that you are.  And we hope that you get the helicopter out of the tree soon.  We gotta know what’s going on with all the girls.

*I am the eye in the sky, looking at you, I can read your mind.  I am the maker of rules, dealing with fools, I can cheat you blind.  And yes, those are the lyrics to the 1982 song “Eye in the Sky” by the Alan Parsons Project.  But if you think I’m going to turn my son’s helicopter thingie with a built in camera birthday present into a winning entry in the “An 80’s song for every moment in life” game we play, then you’re right.  I just did.  Boom, drop the mike!  And Happy Birthday, Sonny!  Mommy loves you.  And Mommy’s a WINNER!

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