Go and Sin No More

Ok, this is where I switch to insightful and inspiring religious blog writer.


Did you go to church this past Sunday and hear the reading about the adulteress who got hauled in to the Pharisees et al in order to be stoned? And how Jesus, dissuading the crowd from this course, bent down and wrote something in the dirt until the stoners (heh, heh) went away?

When the reading was over, I leaned right and asked Sonny what he thought Jesus was writing on the ground. His response?  Smiley faces.  Or maybe emoji’s.

Hmmm, could be. Afterall Jesus is God and God invented emoji’s long before he released the knowledge to the rest of the world last year.

Then I leaned left and asked Sissy the same question. Because she’s amazing in every way, she had her answer thoroughly prepared and vetted by the Vatican prior to her arrival at church: Jesus was writing THEIR sins (the sins of the Pharisees and other would-be-stoners) in the dirt.

Wow. I’ve heard this reading my whole life and never got that interpretation.  Sounds like a really great answer to me, though.

Whereupon Sissy asked what Sonny’s answer was and I said, “Emojis.” At which point she looked across me to him and rolled her eyes and gave *the* look of annoyance and disgust like only a thirteen year old girl can do.

Sonny didn’t dig that, so they got into a face-making, arm-poking situation across my back which I then had to separate. That went as well as can be expected.

And that? That right there?!  Is why my family STILL sits in the cry room.  I cry waaaay too much because of the kids to be out in the church proper with all the regular, non-weeping folks.

And if you ever see me in the cry room bending down to write something on the ground, you can almost be sure I’m writing one of two things: dots and dashes that form the international signal for “send help soonest” or……a frowny face.

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