What’s In A Name?

Tyler Tater Tot Casserole Recipe. No, not a dinner side dish.  Instead, the name my son insisted on being called when he and Sissy were little and playing “house.” And for the record, no, I never made a tater tot casserole so I have noooo idea where the name came from. But you had to say the name out like that, no nicknames: Tyler Tater Tot Casserole Recipe.  A bit of a mouthful, yes?! Guck, guck, guck.

Also during these “house” sessions, Tyler Tater Tot Casserole Recipe would star as the zero-baby. What’s a “zero-baby” you ask? Well, as the name clearly implies, a “zero-baby” is a baby not yet a year old.  Duh.  As such, zero-baby can barely sit up on his own, definitely can’t walk, and therefore must always be dragged (drugged?!) across the hardwood floors while sitting precariously perched on a blanket.  If you pull too quickly on the blanket?  Yep.  Drugged melon head goes over.  Always.  Every time. 

And what happens if Tyler Tater Tot Casserole Recipe finds himself on carpet? He needs to be pushed around in a plastic laundry basket.  Until that one time…when Sissy, starring as the mini-mother of Tyler Tater Tot Casserole Recipe, came up with the brilliant idea to send her darling zero-baby sledding.  In the plastic laundry basket.  Down the carpeted stairs.  To keep him company on his long trip, she also placed a hard-shelled, primary-colored, smiley-caterpillar-that-sang-the-alphabet in the basket then warned them both sternly to stay seated.

All precautions handled, can you imagine l’il mom’s surprise when the whole shebang quickly went to hell in a laundry basket?! Imagine.  Murphy’s Law — activate! — and after the initial “push” down the “hill,” Tyler Tater Tot Casserole Recipe slammed into the balusters.  The edge of the laundry basket caught, skewed him sideways and sent him ricocheting between wall and stair railing down to about Step 8 when the big ol’ melon went wonky and it was arse over teakettle the rest of the way down.  At some point smiley caterpillar entered the mix and slammed into Tyler Tater Tot Casserole Recipe’s mouth leaving him swollen-lipped and bleeding by the time the sleigh ride was over.

For the record, it was 6:30 on a Sunday MORNING…and I was in BED…SLEEPING, and only caught the open mouthed wailing that happened on the tail end.  Prior to that, I vaguely recall hearing Sissy shout, “hang on!” and a lot of thumping and bumping noises.  

Anyway, where I’m going with all of this is that Sonny just recently announced the name he has chosen for his second son: Cornelius. Don’t know why, don’t know how, but I’m hoping his wife will step in at some point and sort things out.

He’s been considering the name of the second son since he came up with the name of his first son a few years ago: Hot Daniel. Nope, yep, nope. I’ve got no idea.  Ditto don’t know why/how/wife comment above.   

And the names of his daughters? Sheila and Turtle.

Hmmm. Just about what you’d expect from a boy called Tyler Tater Tot Casserole Recipe.

P.S.  I forgot to mention that if there’s a THIRD son, he’ll either be named Derrick, John or…Juggernaut.

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  1. Did you see the P.S.?? Because the P.S. gives me a chance to mention that if there’s a THIRD son, he’ll either be named Derrick, John or…Juggernaut.

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