The Collection

Remember how I told you goofy stuff happens to me all the time?  I think I may have infected…er…passed this fun trait on to my daughter.

How so? Glad you asked.  Let me tell ya about the latest…

We visited a different church for mass this past week. This visit was the result of going to another part of town for a basketball tournament.  [For those who don’t know what a basketball tournament is, it’s a fun time in a parent’s life when they get to see a variety of parochial schools while traveling far and wide in order to watch your fill of nailbiter, edge-of-yer-seat, gradeschool basketball games.  Traveling hither and yon and sitting on the visitors’ side of the gym is what you do with your morning, noon and night come basketball tournament time.]

By the time the last basketball tournament game of the day concluded, it was just about Saturday night church-going time, so we walked over to the church affiliated with the parochial school whose gym we had been using.

Sissy’s been fighting a bad cold and while we were sitting in the church, she blew through ha, ha, get it?  BLEW??! the entire supply of tissues in my purse.  When she ok, we couldn’t take the sniffing any more, she decided to venture forth to find the church bathroom for a good ol’, git ‘er done nose blow.

Now the fun part about visiting a new church in a different part of town is that you have NO idea where anything is. You know all the words and hand motions, but every trip out of the pew is an adventure.  So Sissy leaves to find the bathroom to blow her nose and not three minutes later we see her walking past us to the front of the church with a bunch of Knights of Columbus guys, each (including Sissy) holding their own long-handled collection basket.

She then proceeds to work one entire side of the church, floating the collection basket down one pew after another, turning left and right to get everyone on either side of her area.

What the WHAT?!?!!

When she finally returned from her Knight stint, girl-version, she explained that she never did find the bathroom. Instead, she had arrived in the back of the church just at the exact time all the Knights were gathering in an alcove and handing out collection baskets to each other.  Sissy approached with the intention of asking directions to the bathroom.  But the Knights, clearly thinking that the young girl with the inquisitive smile and impeccable timing was there to help, handed her a collection basket of her own and sent her off.

Well.  That was fun.  See?  Just like I said: an adventure every time you leave the pew.  And ESPECIALLY if you’re my daughter.

Thank you, Sweetie, and you’re welcome.

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