Every day, when the kids and I are almost home from school, we pass a pond that sits just off the road, mostly hidden by cattails.

And during the winter, this little nuthin’ of a pond is frozen. (Let it go! Let it GO!  Can’t hold it back anymore!!!  Golly gee, I sure hope I didn’t get that song stuck in your head simply by mentioning the word FROZEN!  Hey, speaking of FROZEN: Let it go! Let it GO!  Turn away and slam the door!!!)

This barely glimpsed wintered-over pond calls to some young adventurer that still lives inside of me. So much so that from time to time I find myself wondering aloud to my kids (who are their own young adventurers) about why they haven’t ever gone to the frozen pond to skate or at least slide around on it in their winter boots.

We’ve even taken this conversation to the point where we’ve discussed how they could stay safe if they ever did take up this particular adventure challenge. The Stay Safe idea may have had something to do with a rope and ‘stationary observer/rope holder’ role and a ‘pond trekker’ role.

Anyway, the last time we drove past, I did my ‘wonder aloud’ shtick, which prompted Sissy to chime in with, “Hey Sonny, do you know how Mom wants us to stay safe on the frozen pond? She wants us to tie ourselves together with a rope.  So that if one of us breaks through the ice and goes in, we’ll pull the other one in after us because we’ll be tied together with a ROPE!  And then, if we’re both in the pond and all waterlogged and one of us tries to pull ourselves OUT, we won’t be able to because we’ll be tied together with a ROPE!”

Hmmm. I hadn’t quite pictured the rope being used that way.  But based on the anticipated results, that seems like a bad way to use the rope…

To which Sonny (who is horrified by any and all waterborne illnesses and situations, yet gets them confused which eachother) replied, “That’s awful! That’s a totally bad plan, Chuggington! Because if we did that in the water with the rope, we’d get MALARIA!”

Huh. Yeah, that rope idea is not great.  Not playing out AT ALL the way I intended, what with everyone now getting malaria…

Which caused Sissy to reply, “It’s not malaria we’d get in the winter, it’s hypothermia.”

And now hypothermia…

Anyway. It’s time to sing!

And here I stand, and here I’ll stay.  Let it go!  Let it go!  The cold never bothered me anyway.

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