Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than by making a prank phone call?!  Using my remote camera capabilities, I can see that you all agree.  So let’s shout out all our fun perhaps accidental St. Patrick’s Day prank phone call stories.

I’ll go first.

But just a sec!  Before we get there, by way of explanation, I need to tell you that today is my mother’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Mom – we love you!!!  And when we were kids, we gave her all of the Birthday-on-St-Patrick’s-Day-green-beer-for-breakfast-in-bed one woman should ever be subjected to.  [Did I say beer?!  Beer would’ve been weird.  I actually meant pancakes.  And I believe at one point there were even green eggs.  Mom, please verify the eggs.]

So now that the green pancake (and possibly green eggs; still waiting for verification) portion of the event is over – forever – my siblings and I have moved on to plain ol’ birthday phone calls.

One March 17th a few years back, my kids and I called my mom early in the morning to wish her a happy birthday.  I was also trying to hustle everyone out the door for school and work, so in my rush, I may have mis-dialed my parents’ phone number in Virginia.  I thought an Asian woman answered, but when I said, “Mom?” she said, “Yes,” so we launched in to a hearty cha-cha-cha version of Happy Birthday.

Halfway through, there remained a niggling doubt about whether or not we were actually singing to my mother, so I called a halt to the whole thing and said again into the phone, “Wait…MOM??”

To which the person on the other end – who may have been A mom and was therefore required to listen patiently and without interruption to our singing, but perhaps wasn’t MY mom with a birthday on St. Patrick’s Day, replied politely, “I sorry.  You have wrong number.”

But then, when she said it like that, it almost sounded IRISH!  Ha, ha, ha.  This, naturally, led me to believe that my sister and her daughters were visiting my parents and my sister’s younger daughter had picked up the phone and was goofing around with us before putting my mother on the line.  [And yes, I find it best to come up with the most cockamamie idea of what could possibly be happening and then proceed as if it actually IS happening.]  So, now, convinced that my niece had indeed picked up the phone and was using a fake Irish-bordering-on-Asian accent to screen my mother’s birthday phone calls, I said to the voice on the other end, “Ohhhhh…riiiiight…is this crazy IRISH Niece?!?”

To which the voice replied again (politely, yet a bit more adamantly), “I sorry.  You.  Have.  Wrong.  Number.”

Hmmmm…despite my theory, we must really have the wrong number and just unloaded a HUGE blast of wackiness on this poor woman.

So I hastily apologized and hung up.  Sissy voiced the concern that perhaps the woman would call the cops on us.  To which I replied, “Yes, she might.  In fact, she probably should.  But she’s in Virginia and we’re in Colorado, so she probably won’t.”  The cops never did show.

Then we called my real mother and sang a real happy birthday to her.  Turns out my sister and the nieces weren’t visiting at all.  What a dumb idea; who thought of that idea, anyway?

But in keeping with today’s theme, next I’d like to hear from anyone who has ever RECEIVED a bizarre singing prank phone call on St. Patrick’s Day.  Anyone?  Anyone??

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