Spring Break

Not sure why YOU’RE thinking of the Throw Up Slip-n-Slide.  But I’M thinking of the Throw Up Slip-n-Slide because Spring Break just started here and EVERYONE knows that the Throw Up Slip-n-Slide is practically de rigueur if you’re on Spring Break.  In Mexico.  When you’re eight.


Let me explain…

Spring Break three years ago when I had a job, Hubby, the kids and I took a trip to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico.  Our suite was gorgeous; all white leather couches and white marble floors gleaming from one end to the other with a few fluffy white throw rugs thrown in for good measure.  But who spends much time in their suite, especially when there are pressing decisions to be made like whether or not to go to the beach, or to the pool, or back to the beach.  And which drink to have where.

By the end of the second day, for some reason every bartender at every beach and swim up bar knew little eight-year-old Sonny on sight and would shout his Mexican name whenever he showed up, like he was Norm entering Cheers, “El hijo!”

At which point El hijo would order whatever the Spring Break spirit moved him to order: another chocolate milkshake, or perhaps a frozen lemonade this time, maybe even a strawberry smoothie to mix things up.

That night, not feeling super spry, El hijo retired early to the sleek pull out couch he was sharing with Sissy.  Hubby and I were in another part of the suite when we heard some weird gurgling noises and Sissy exclaim, “Oh, no, El hijo!”

When we went to investigate, we saw El hijo on the move.  An unsightly tannish mixture was foaming out of his mouth as he was bustin’ for the bathroom.  I’ll give you exactly one guess on what happens when regurgitated smoothiechocolatemilkshakefrostylemonade meets marble floors and throw rugs.

Yep, good guess!  Throw Up Slip-n-Slide.

El hijo staggered through the first few slick footsteps, seemed to right himself and then went down hard and slid halfway across the floor like he was sliding into home plate, in the process getting one whole side of himself (all the way up and THROUGH his hair) completely SCHMEARED with vomir, n’est-ce pas.  Nummy, num, num.

Ahhhh, Spring Break.  Always so much fun.  And those swim up bars?  Unbefrickinlievable, ESPECIALLY when someone throws down the Throw Up Slip-n-Slide.  So, so fun.   Just remember to bring your fifty big ones to tip the maids while they make all the Throw Up Slip-n-Slide memories go away while you huddle outside on the balcony overlooking the swim up bars.

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