Just Practicing

We were headed out the other day and everything was going wrong in the back seat of the car.  My son couldn’t open the door to get in.  Once finally in, he couldn’t close the door.  Stuff was falling all over the floor.  He couldn’t put on his seatbelt.  And on and on and on.

Me:  “What’s going on back there, Buddy?  Why are you having such a hard time?”

Him: “Oh, I’m just practicing.”

Me: “Practicing?!  Practicing for what?”

Him: “Just in case I lose all my fingers and only have my pinkies left, I’m practicing for that.”

Me:  [out loud] “Well…just get buckled already.”  [in my head] “Best.  Idea.  EVER!”

I mean, come on!  Isn’t he right?!

We should all be “practicing” for obscure, most-likely-won’t-happen life events because who knows what the future holds.   If we are left to function with only pinkies (please, God, no), are we ready?  Or – as is the case with me – if we are thrust into a role that we never in a million years thought would be ours, have we “practiced” enough??

Yep.  Turns out, this whole time I should have been pretending I might one day be unemployed.  Or at least a stay at home mom.  Because NOW?  Now I’m totally unprepared.  Should have practiced more.

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