What a Waste!

When we were younger, my sisters and I used a term to describe priests who were cute (and therefore should have been out among “us” and not off-the-market and all “dedicated to God” and stuff).  We called them “Father What a Waste.”

Lately I kindof feel like a “Stay at Home Mom What a Waste.”  And not just because I’m cute.  I mean, I’ve got some mad skillzzz.  I am eminently employable and could be out there, among the rest of you, earning six figures!  Instead, I bake cookies, vacuum floors, clean bathrooms (poorly I might add) and run nonsensical errands all while contributing nothing to the family income.

Also, I did the stay at home mom thing the wrong way around.  I didn’t do it when the kids were babies.  I did the requisite FMLA leave of 3 months then dusted off my hands, hitched my breast pump over my shoulder and headed out!  It would have made more sense to have done the stay at home mom gig THEN rather than NOW!

(on the plus side, I can always liven up a party by trotting out the most-embarrassing-usage-of-a-breast-pump-while-on-a-business-trip story you’ve EVER heard!)

But now?  Now – I just rattle around all day in my constantly-dirty-house avoiding Kohl’s and their ever-beguiling “cash” (cash my a$$ – I should just drive by their store periodically and throw a $20 out the car window) trying to come up with craft projects and volunteer jobs to fill my time.

Gheesh.  What a waste.

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