Party People

Partying with Catholic Gradeschool Boys – during Lent – is a waaaay different proposition.  They’re the same barrel full o’monkeys they always are, just with fewer activity and food options.

Me:  Ok.  Time for cake! 

Boy #1:  Uhhh….I gave up sweets for Lent. 

Boys 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6: You were just eating candy in the basement! 

Boy #1:  Was I?  I don’t remember.

Me: (in my head) Thank you, narcing monkeys, for so gently reminding Gave-up-Sweets that he lapsed.  But now he’s back on track, so no cake for him.  And, it’s my unsolicited opinion that “someone” should focus a bit more on “remembering” and less on sweets for next year’s Lent.

Me: (out loud) Ok.  Well…no cake for you, I guess.  At least come and sing Happy Birthday and you can have an apple.

–after cake & presents–

Me:  Ok.  Time to put in the movie!

Boy #2:  Uhhh…I gave up movies for Lent.

Me:  Wow.  Hmmmm.  Ok.  How about everyone goes up to Sonny’s room to play Legos?! 

Boy #3:  Uhhh…I gave up Legos for Lent.

Me:  Wow.  Hmmmm.  Ok.  First off, you guys are great and you’re all going to Heaven.  Now…howz about you all sit in a circle in the basement and discuss your feelings?  Slam!  [that was the basement door slamming – because at that point I just wanted more cake and some privacy while I did it.]

The Feelings Circle quickly devolved into Sonny’s School of Wrestling.  The big tip-off was when Sissy – who was supposed to be my “eyes and ears” in the basement – came running upstairs to cut her nails. 

Cut your nails?  Wait?!  WHAT?!?     

Me:  Ok!  Everyone upstairs and outside.  It’s time to pick up the dog poop!  I’m sure no one gave THAT up for Lent, did they?!?

Nothing says “party” like a little poop pick-up session in the afternoon.  Am I right? 

Scratch that.  Nothing says “GREAT party” during Lent.  With Catholic Gradeschool Boys. like a little poop pick-up session in the afternoon. 

One thought on “Party People

  1. As I am probably the parent of one of the aforementioned crumb snatchers, I’m guessing boy #1… I approve of your approach, and had I known of your strategy, would have added another component to the “Parent get-well”/Sanity-recovery package… of course, that assumes that you haven’t given that up for Lent. 😉

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