Plus/Delta 2013

Ever heard this expression: Plus/Delta?  It’s used mostly in classroom or business meeting settings, at the end typically, to determine what worked, what didn’t, opportunities for improvement blahbity, blah, BLAH!

Well…before we get into the NEW New Year’s resolutions, I think it’s important to do a Plus/Delta on the OLD New Year’s resolutions.

If you recall, my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions were to: 1) complete the entire P-90X series and 2) to get a job.




Yes, done.  Thank Heaven.  Especially for that P-90X bullcrap.  That was the most excruciating thing EVER.  (Perhaps the X actually stands for ‘X’cruciating?!?  It must.  It absolutely must.)  Also?  I believe I am the only person.  In the world.  To ever GAIN WEIGHT on the program.  Needless to say, I will not be resoluting anything remotely similar this year.

As for the job portion of the resolutions, I would argue that I HAVE a job.  As a blogger.  No…perhaps it’s not one of those corporate thingamabobs all y’all judge your success by.  But I did make a whopping $4.12 through the Google Ads I have on my blog. 

I know, right?  I’m surprised too that I’m still driving my 12-year-old Honda Odyssey minivan instead of a new Beemer or some such with that kind of loot burning a hole in my back pocket.  But perhaps there may have been a flaw in my Google-Ads-Plan from the start. 

The flaw is that I, bein’ all blog-hostess-with-the-mostess, offered to deliver my blog directly to your inbox.  An offer which most of you took me up on.  [Sigh.  Darn “pretty face and generous nature” gettin’ me into trouble yet again.]  As a consequence, no one actually WENT to my blog.  Therefore no one actually clicked on the ads ON my blog — which would have earned me money.

But, really.  That’s ok.  Don’t worry about me.  [She says while blinking back tears and stifling sobs with one dainty forefinger pressed to her lips.]  Because most of the ads were for raised potty seats anyway. 

By the way – do I blog a LOT about raised potty seats?  Because there’s a program that runs behinds Google Ads that reads through my blog entry and subsequently posts corresponding ads based on blog content.  So I must be blogging a LOT about raised potty seats.  In fact, I AM blogging a lot about raised potty seats.  My blogs are PACKED with insightful, witty comments about raised potty seats.  You should visit my blog often for just this type of content.

And in the New Year?  If you DO need a raised potty seat?  Please think of me.  I’m your Go-to-Gal for raised potty seats.  Please click on the ads for raised potty seats you can find on my blog, day or night.  In fact…THAT will be my New Year’s Resolution: to sell ONE raised potty seat in 2014.  Or die trying.  

I’m covered either way.  So put THAT plus in your delta and smoke it!

Oh.  And also?  Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Plus/Delta 2013

  1. 1) You realize muscle is more dense than fat… right? (Oh, wait… that might be dangerously close to a math thing. 😉 I was wondering why you were always in such a pleasant mood… and many of us were thankful. 😀

    2) Mmm… Ads? I don’t see any ads.

    3) Raised potty seats… you mean like an elevated potty… like say a throne? I’m not sure that is in the budget… but will see… as soon as I find the Ad.

  2. I’m so proud of you for doing the P90X – I didn’t lose anything on it either but then I only did the P60X (60 days). I just bought an Empower Pilates Studio Portable Pilates Trainer which consists of a bar with two resistance bands attached and a DVD. I loved using it so much over the last two days that my back now has spasms and I can barely walk:)

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