Bread and milk

Ok.  I do NOT get this.  When a snowstorm hits, why do folks head to the store for bread and milk? 

Do they enjoy sitting in their dark, cold, power-outage kitchen snarfing down pieces of bread and swigging glasses of milk?  To keep up their spirits AND their strength??

What about a little butter?  (It’s funnier if you say it this way: buh-dah.  Buh-dah.  Buh-dah buh-dah buh-dah.  See?  Funny.)

Or howz about an egg or two??

‘Cause really – bread and milk by themselves are a total non-starter.  Add a little butter and an egg?  And NOW you’re cooking with oil!  (Oil might also be something to add to your snowstorm grocery list.  So you can cook with it.)

Unless, of course, I’m missing something and people are MAKING things with bread and milk as the two key ingredients?!  And that’s why they are so sought after when the snow hits?? 

The only recipe I can think of would be bread mush.  You make it by putting slices of bread in a bowl and then covering them with milk.  Wait until it’s mushy.  Then top with a sprinkling of sawdust from waaaaay baaaaack in your bare cupboards.  Nummy num num!  Comfort food.

Is there a recipe for pot roast you can make with bread and milk?  Or perhaps apple pie?!? 

If not, then I say SKIP the bread and milk and just head-up the snowstorm grocery list with pot roast and apple pie.  Because itSNOWstorm (it’s no storm – get it?  Me funny.) grocery list a’tall unless you have pot roast and pie.      



My mother emailed me to let me know that in the East, people go to the store to buy bread, milk AND toilet paper (because you don’t want to be caught short on that staple).  But I maintain that if you buy pot roast and apple pie instead, you do into some weird hibernation mode and  end up comatose on the couch and don’t need any toilet paper.

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