The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow!

We went to see the play Annie yesterday.  Coincidentally, yesterday was also the last day I could collect unemployment monies.*

So…naturally…I mostly spent my time at the play wondering why Annie has SUCH terrible hair.  I mean, it’s really AWFUL.  And that red dress she wears?  It clashes somethin’ fierce with that mess on her noggin.  (As a side note, my daughter used to think the word “noggin” was a bad word.  She knows better now.  But naturally, this means that I need to use the word noggin whenever possible just to give her the willies!  Because I’m that much of a good mother.  And speaking of ME!  I used to think the word “peepers” was a bad word.  Jeepers, creepers, where’d ya get them peepers!  See?!  Why would you be shouting Jeepers…creepers!…if “peepers” were something good that ya got?!?  And while we’re at it, where’d ya get them EYES??)

Anywhoooo…that was a weird veer-off.  But we’re back on track.  And yes, while the play is about that rascally, red-haired (whose hair is awful, just awful) Orphan Annie, it’s also set in the Depression.  With that sort of back-story,  it’s no surprise there’s this one scene where all these people are on the street corner drinking stone soup out of a garbage can.  And they are pee-oh’d!  Really PISSED at Roosevelt, because they’re jobless!  And what he promised them was that chicken-in-every-pot, New Deal nonsense. 

Yeah!  New Deal my A$$!!! 

Huh?!  That was WEIRD!  Given my OWN backstory, I felt like I was right there with ‘em, in that scene.  (Ok, maybe not RIGHT there with ‘em…but “in spirit” there with ‘em, for sure-sies.  “There but for the Grace of God go I with the stone soup out of a garbage can” there with ‘em.  ‘Cause I’ve had PUNCH out of a garbage can – and that’s bad enough.  Especially when you get to the bottom of the garbage can only to find there’s a HOLE in the garbage can LINER!  It almost makes you want to lose all of that punch you’ve been working so hard on at the fraternity party.  So, aside from the punch, I’ve never had ANYTHING out of a garbage can, stone soup or otherwise.  Again, Grace of God and so on and so forth.)

In the midst of all of this angst and anger, Annie starts up with her cheery, positive attitude schmatitude.  All “sun’ll come out tomorrow” blah, blah, blah.  And then all the angry people on the street corner are singing along with her.  And what’s this??  What do I hear?!?  They’re singing “Tomorrow is ONLY a day away!” 

What?  WHAAAAAT???  I always thought the words were “Tomorrow is ALWAYS a day away!”  Which I gotta say, is a bit demotivating.  It’s like, you can never…quite…get there.  It’s always just outta reach. 

But tomorrow being ONLY a day away?  Now that’s different.  That’s do-able.  That’s achievable.  Just hang in there.  All you gotta do is hang on ’til tomorrow.  Come what may.  Because it’s only a day away.

Yeah – what THEY said! 

In fact?  This is the approach I’m going to take with my new job, and all the money I’ll be making shortly.  It’s just around the corner.  I can feel it.  Because?  Well…it’s obvious, isn’t it?  Because, tomorrow is ONLY a daaaaay aaaaaaaaWAAAYYYYYYY [big finish, arms wide]

And if not?  Maybe Daddy Warbucks will adopt me.  I’d be willing to wear any crazy crap on my head if he would. 


*Even though I have almost $5,000 left on my unemployment claim, I can’t claim it after 12/28/13.  Because the Federal Government says so, that’s why.  Hmmm…really?  Really?!?  This throws me back to the days of asking Mom if I could do something with my friends, and Mom saying no.  A response which begged the follow-up question: Why?  To which Mom would say, “Because I’m the mother and I said ‘no’, that’s why.”  Uhhh…Federal Government?  Could I have any more money?  “No!  Because we’re the Federal Government and we said no, that’s why!”  Uhhh.  Uhhm.  Ok.  But I HATE YOU!  You’re RUINING my life!  You never let me do ANYTHING!!  I’m going to my room now.  And I’ll NEVER love you again.  EVER!!!

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