Sex and the City

Actually?  There wasn’t any sex.  But ha ha ha…made ya look!  Made ya look!  Stole your mother’s pocketbook.  Also?  You should be ashamed of yourself, you dirty bird, lookin’ for some sex.

But what we really did have was the city.  New York City.  Which is where I went this week-end for a reunion with 20 other sorority sisters from college.

And we spent the whole time talking.  Well…and drinking; But just a teeeensy bit of that.  Because, really, we only drank occasionally and in moderate amounts in college, so why start gettin’ jiggy with it now?!  (If you have something negative to say about any recent lying trends you may have noticed, you can just ZIP IT!  Because 1. whatever happens in NYC stays in NYC and 2. my parents are reading this blog.)

There was some sightseeing too.  Ok, a bit of shopping as well.  Also a nice group dinner.  And dancing on the rooftop at 1 a.m.   But there was no sitting.  Because as we learned, if you don’t buy bottle service, you don’t get to sit on any of the comfy couches scattered throughout the entire City of New York.  And since I wore strappy heels in red patent leather, my feet were KILLING me by the time the whole thing was over.

But catching up on the last two decades is hard work.  And someone had to do it.  If feet were sacrificed in the process, then so be it.

So what did I discover about this group of reunion-ees?  I learned that…We’re all good sisters… Each one the other’s friend.. And we’ll be good sisters ’til all the world shall end… And while we’re together, we’ll give a rousing CHEER… Al-pha Xi Del-ta!  Good sisters are so dear!  CHUG!!!

(But just a little chugging.  We didn’t do that much chugging in college, so why start now?!)

Oh.  You mean what else did I learn in ADDITION to that Good Sisters bit?  Well…some of us are married, some single.  Some of us took the Career Chick path.  Some went the Stay at Home Mom route.  Some do the Working Mother thang.  Some have no kids, one kid, two kid, red kid, blue kid.  SIX kids is cray-cray but there’s always one who goes THERE with THAT.

We traveled from states mostly located around New York, but also from Colorado, California and Florida.  We even had an international business woman jet-set in from COSTA RICA!

There has been cancer, divorce, sadness and sorrow.  But so far, we’re all alive and kickin’.  None of this group has joined Chapter Eternal.  So that’s something to be grateful for.

Yet despite our divergent paths in life, we’re still as young and fun as we always were.  I don’t know why any of us were worried we wouldn’t recognize the others.  We all still look EXACTLY the same!   NOTHING has changed.  In fact, we ALL agreed this was the case.  It’s all still the “Same as it ever was…Same as it ever was…time isn’t holding us, time isn’t after us, time isn’t holding us, time doesn’t hold you back, time isn’t holding us…“*

Can I get an ‘Amen!’ to THAT, Sister?!?

*For those who have just joined us, I play this fun game wherein an 80’s song will pop into my head, and I’ll mention it – along with the lyrics and the name of the artist and song.  80’s songs pop into my head so frequently, for any and every reason, that scientists have even developed a theory about it.  It’s called the “80’s song for every moment in life” theory.  And guess what?  It turns out that there’s even an 80’s song for sorority reunions!  Who knew?!  In this case it’s “Once in a Lifetime” released in 1980 by the Talking Heads on their Remain in the Light album.  See?  It’s fun, right?  Remember how I said it was fun, ’cause it’s fun.  And I’M fun.  AND young.  Well…at least I LOOK young; I have 20 witnesses who say the same.

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