Game of Thrones, The Book


Have I told you I’m reading the Game of Thrones book?  It’s a 4-part, THREE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY SIX page nightmare borrowed from the air above my local library and loaded onto my Nook.

Except the problem is that it’s THREE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY SIX PAGES and the frickin’ thing keeps expiring before I can finish it.  I was up to page 2,114 last night and when I got the chance to finally sit down at 10 pm to read it, I discovered that the air library is apparently set to Eastern Standard Time and my book vanished yet again into the clouds.  Gaaaahh!!!

So I instantly re-upped for another go-round.  And this time I’m 49 on the waiting list (hey!  I’ve been 78 before, so things are looking up!)

Also on the plus side, I have learned some new words.  (Well, yes, of course swear words as a result of the ill-timed expirations.  But I mean REAL words that the world no-longer-uses-but-which-should-be-brought-back-into-fashion-because-they’re-really-good-words.)  I’ll list the words AND I’ll use them in a sentence so you can get the gist of them in case you’d never heard of them until now:

  • hippocras – “Ser Jaime will have the red, Lady Brienne of Tarth will have water, and I will have hippocras,” said Roose Bolton of the Dread Fort with the Flayed Man sigil shining brightly on his tunic.
  • slaver – “After King Robb’s direwolf ripped out the throat of an elk, its jaws ran red with slaver.”
  • wroth – “The Lord of Harrenhal was sore wroth when he saw the destruction the dragons had wrought on the highest tower of his castle.”
  • greaves – “The Knight of Roses, Loras Tyrell, had gauntlets, greaves and greathelm made of hammered gold inlaid with twining roses.”
  • doughty – “It is said that Neddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell, was truly doughty the day on the Trident when he helped Robert Baratheon win his throne from the mad Targaryen king.”
  • samite – “Queen Cersei’s robe of green-and-gold samite shimmered in the firelight as did her golden hair where it tumbled down her back.”
  • argot – “Daenerys Stormborn, Mother of Dragons, could actually understand the words of the man speaking High Valyrian even though it was flavored with slaver argot.”

And for the record…NO, I don’t go to the Renaissance Faire.  That’s for dorks.  Reading Game of Thrones is for cool chicks from New Jersey who are trying to figure out how to use up their new stay at home mom days, thank you very much.

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