We are the champions (Part 2)

My doubles partner & I won our tennis match last night!

I thought my first win was a fluke (well, that…and the other team was DRUNK).  But after yet ANOTHER win?!?  Methinks some mad tennis skillzzz lurk beneath this mild-mannered Home Mom exterior.  (Home Mom in the house!  Wha-up, wha-up!!)

Full confession though: one of the chicks on the other team is a hospice nurse and came straight from work.  While she brought a change of tennis clothes, she had forgotten her court shoes.  But since she’s a HOSPICE NURSE, far be it from me to say anything negative about her.  In fact, she was really quite fun and lovely, but she ended up playing the entire match IN HER WORK SHOES!

And her partner?  Kept holding out her hand every time we changed sides-of-the-court to show us how shaky she was.  Apparently she was in the midst of a hypoglycemic attack.  She mentioned several times how she should have eaten before the match.  In all fairness we DID ask if she wanted to stop the match so she could eat some faux fruit gummies.  But she was content to bull through it.  So we accommodated her by opening up a fresh can of whoop-a$$; Within the hour we beat the pants off Shaky McGee and Nurse Shoes McGoo.

Mad skillzzz??  Or the perfect storm of inappropriate shoes and bad eating habits?!?

Who cares!  I’m not proud.  I’ll take the win any way I can get it.

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