How to become a Jedi Knight

I was cleaning out the car today…and found a Star Wars Mad Libs book!  Methinks we’ve got a blog THEME going here this week.  Tomorrow perhaps I’ll share with you the little known lyrics to the Star Wars song (hint: most people think the song is only instrumental – except for my husband and son, they know different).

Until then, I will leave you with the following information on…

How to become a Jedi Knight

[The following is so funny you might forget to laugh.  Just like I did.  Oh.  And for the record?  It was completed by 9 and 10 year olds in case you couldn’t tell.]

Want to be a Jedi POOP?  Follow these STINKY steps:

  1. Find a Jedi Master: In order to become a POOPY Jedi, a young Padawan, or Jedi apprentice, needs to learn from someone who has FAST mastered his or her training.  Perhaps Master TEDDY [the family dog] is available. 
  2. Study the ways of the Force: It takes a lot of SMELLY patience and belief in the TOOTS around you, but a Padawan must understand the Force before he or she can really practice the ways of the Jedi BELLYBUTTON.
  3. Make your own light-BUTTCRACK: Find special BUTT CHEEKS to place in your lightsaber’s MOLE.  Then, commune with the Force to make it PEE.
  4. Listen SLOWLY: Finally, and most HIGHLY, do as the older and wiser Jedi BOOGERS tell you — even if they want you to COOK QUICKLY!

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