Get Lucky

Have you heard this new song by Daft Punk called “Get Lucky”?   Most of the lyrics go like this:

We’re up all night to get lucky
We’re up all night to get lucky
We’re up all night to get lucky
We’re up all night to get lucky

Then there are some lyrics that go like this:

We’re up all night ’til the sun
We’re up all night to get SARS (Yes, you will get SARS – but more likely mono – if you stay up night after night to get lucky.)
We’re up all night for good fun
We’re up all night to get lucky

And then we’re right back to being up all night to get lucky.  Endlessly up all night.  Endlessly trying to get lucky.  Nope.  Still up.  Still not lucky.   And still up……….

In essence, the song is repetitive and mind-numbing.

And this brings me to my point: Back in the ’80’s – we had WAY better songs!  Lyrics really MEANT something.  Serious life and death issues (not just SAR’s) were covered by many famous artists.  “Girls just wanna have fun?”  Why, yes!  Yes we do!  And how ’bout, “We got the beat!”  Why, yes.  Yes we do!

See?  Super serious stuff.

And what about the artist names?  Madonna, The Bangles, U2, Prince, The Police, THE GO-GO’S?  Need I go on?!?  If you got the beat, then you get the point.  Those were some quality rock group names.

Daft Punk??  It sounds like some thug from a Warner Brothers cartoon.

Pssst!  Daft Punk, here’s a message for you…go to bed already.  You’re not gonna get lucky with this 80’s girl.  She has her standards.  Better yet, I’LL go to bed already.  Even though I like to have fun, I really need my beauty sleep.

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  2. I did a Google search for “up all night to get SARS” ‘cos I knew someone else, somewhere, must have heard the same thing I did…

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