Me Like-y

With the hubby and kids OOT* today, I was able to get a TON of stuff accomplished.  Me like-y getting tons of stuff accomplished.

You know what else me like-y?  Me like-y Home Depot.

Back when they were the only game in town and I called them Home Despot, me no like-y.  But now?  Now that they have competition from the likes of Lowe’s and Ace?  Now it’s on like Donkey Kong every time I walk in there.  All the fine fellas flock to me to offer assistance (AND they call me “miss.”  None of this “ma’am” b.s. that makes you feel older than time).  Me also like-y the delusional story I tell myself when I’m IN Home Depot.  Which is: the fine fellas don’t get many PYT** DIY’ers*** and therefore when there is one there (me!) they are ON IT!  In fact, me like-y that story so much that I think Home Depot would be a great place to find a hubby if I didn’t already have one.  Speaking of which…me like-y YOU, Hubby!

Me also like-y Grease Monkey.  Where else in the WORLD will men clean your windows, vacuum your rugs AND leave a carnation on your dashboard?!?  Nowhere except Grease Monkey.  That’s why me really, really like-y.

And when the day is done, and it’s pizza carry-out for one (me like-y rhymes too!), me like-y Anthony’s Pizza because it tastes just like every slice of pie**** I ever ate during my misspent New Jersey youth.  AND?  The counterhelp offers me red pepper flakes in a cute little container that I can re-use for jello shots.  What’s not to like-y there??

Finally, me like-y the helpful neighbor men who sit in the garage across the street drinking beers.  The first time I saw them doing that, I asked if they were waiting for the party bus.  The second time I saw them, I told them I didn’t think the party bus came by this way.  The THIRD time I saw them, they informed me that they WERE the party bus.  Oh.  Ok.  Glad we got that straight.  And recently?  Recently they pumped up my bike tires.  AND pumped up my ego by claiming that sometimes bike tires just get low; It’s not that they LOOK low due to the biker “load” they’re carrying.  Me like-y gallant gents who don’t breathe a WORD about your weight when they’re pumping up your bike tires with their deluxe pneumatic bike tire pumper thingamajig.

Just a few top-of-mind things that me like-y and wanted to share with you today.

How ’bout you?  What do you like-y?  LMK.*****


*Out of town

** Pretty Young Thing


****In NJ we call pizza ‘pie’

*****Let me know


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