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Lately I’ve been considering applying for jobs I don’t even want and I may not really even be qualified for – all just to have a job (hi, Unemployment Agency!).   And when I saw the phone line repair guy up in the cherry picker yesterday talking on the phone – I sensed a kindred spirit.

I mean, what could have been going on with that?  I’m sure the phone call wasn’t of the “hey honey, I’m glad you called; what’s for dinner?” variety.  Instead, he was totally focused on some sort of panel he had open at the top of the pole while being deep in conversation.

Maybe it was a quick check in with his manager?  He’s recently back from workers comp leave during which he received therapy for his fear of heights and phone-wire phobia and his manager just wanted to know how his first day back on the job was going??  In which case, it could also have been H.R. or his union rep.

Or perhaps they’re doing some sort of remote surgery up there in the air?  Kindof like those surgeons working robots in an operating room thousands of miles away from where the patient actually is.  Except in this instance, instead of robots, they use a cherry picker, a warm body and a telephone to get the work done?  Maybe the one guy in the whole universe who’s qualified to repair the wires is actually located in Alaska and he has to “consult” with the guy who’s actually in Colorado repairing the wires??

Voice on the line:  “Ok.  Do you see the red wire?”

Guy in the cherry picker:  “Uh-huh uh-huh.  I do!  I do see the red wire.” [slowly reaches for it]

Voice on the line:  “Well don’t touch it!”

Maybe the phone line repair dude was sick the day they covered “what to do with red wires” during the phone line repair certification class and he has his instructor on the phone doing a quick “refresher” course?

Or…could it be that [GASP!] he used to be a very competent and talented marketing professional but phone line repair dude was the only position he could get after his company took his marketing job away and he had to make ends meet?  Yikes!  Will this be me shortly?!

If so, I would be less scruffy looking.  No beard for me (well at least not one that’s visible from the ground anyway) and I would be dressed way cuter.  Hey!  Ya gotta set the fashion trends when you’re perched above your adoring public!  Hard hats, flannel shirts and jeans are totally in again!!

***Disclaimer and open notice to phone repair people – I absolutely respect and admire your strenuous and perilous work and the flippant nature of today’s blog in no way implies the opposite.***

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