You say you love

Whaaaa happened?!

I missed a few blogging days and I can’t figure out where the time went, other than to say I’ve been busy!!  In fact, I talked to a stay at home mom last night who wanted to know how it was going…and I told her about being really, really busy.  And she said that eventually I’ll find it hard to remember how I did it all AND worked.  Part of me wants to say “huh?! That’s not possible.  I’ll never forget THAT” and part of me wants to say “I could see how that could happen very, very easily.”

In the meantime, I wanted to tell you a little story about the apartment my husband and I lived in when we were first married.  We could hear everything going on in the apartment below us.  Yes.  Everything.

But mostly what we remember were the 3 a.m. fights downstairs that always culminated in yelling about the level of love present in the relationship.  The following phrases were always used.

(said in an agitated [read shrill] female voice with an Asian accent) You say you love, but you NO love!!  WHY you say you love when you no love?!?

So…over the course of the last 20 years, when one of us feels neglected by the other, we’ll trot out the “why you say you love when you no love” bit in a joke-y, non racist you-say-you-love-but-you-no-love way just to make the point that we could use a bit more attention.

Now I can’t help but hear my blog in my head after a few days of no activity, “You say you love, but you NO love!”

I do love.  I’ve just been busy!!

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