I met some former colleagues (to be clear, they’re not former.  I am) for lunch today.  Gosh it felt good to be interacting with a group of adults again!  When I was in the office – even though the majority of our conversations centered around whose turn it was to make the coffee – it was nice to have other adults to see and talk to periodically.

Now…the quietness of my days roars loudly in my ears.  That and the fact that it’s pretty slim pickin’s when it comes to adults around here (well, there’s me of course – and my husband when he gets home from work.  But other than that, it’s mostly monkeys-acting-like-children to keep me company.  And only when they’re home from school).

But despite my best efforts to describe the scrumptious dessert I literally pulled out of the oven right before I met the former colleagues for lunch, no one seemed as impressed as I was with my morning’s worth of “work.”

I thought perhaps a picture was called for.  So when I got home, I sent them the picture below along with the following email message:

From: ME
Date: September 24, 2012 1:59:38 PM MDT
To: All of the colleagues I met for lunch
Subject: Dessert!

It was good to see everyone.

And just to prove the point, I wanted to send you a pic of the dessert I was making right before I met you for lunch!  You’ll notice it’s brownies and chocolate chip cookies. Combined!

Hah-lah!!! Whoop whoooop!!

That right there is good times in a baking pan…and will be very well received this evening after my home made sloppy joe extravaganza!

Hey! If this was your biggest accomplishment of the day you’d be a little more enthusiastic about it too!!  But noooo…you’re alllll superior with your “gotta help customers” and “hafta close sales” attitude!!

Yeah?!  Stay at home mom my a$$!!  We’ll see what YOU get for dessert tonight, won’t we??!

Ok…I’ll stop now because I realize I’m sounding a little off-balance and in desperate need of those mother’s-little-helper-pills (aka Rick’s hip replacement pain meds) we discussed earlier.

Rick – please send some soonest!

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