Mayday, mayday! Mayday, mayday!

In Gay Pair-ee they have a charming tradition on May 1st.  Various (possibly homeless) vendors sell (without a permit) sprigs of Lily of the Valley from every street corner.  Men wear the sprigs in their lapels or on their hats.  Women tuck the sprigs into their own lapels, hats or purses; Or they combine several sprigs into a little bouquet and walk around holding this posy while periodically sniffing it.  Today is France’s Labor Day which means the whole metro system goes to Hell-in-a-handbasket.  But it’s also La Fête du Muguet or Lily of the Valley Day.  [side note – Come on!  A Bachelor’s Degree in French?  Who WOULDN’T want to hire me??  I’m all that AND a bag of ‘les chips’ (which can also be called ‘les croustilles’).  Aren’t you impressed yet??  What’s it gonna take?!  Come on – hire me already!!!]

Their way of celebrating Spring and extending best wishes to each other for the upcoming season is a whimsical, olde-tyme-yet-cosmopolitan tradition that’s quintessentially Parisian.

Not to be outdone…we have a lovely tradition here in Colorado as well.  On May Day it snows like a mo fo and we all get thoroughly TICKED OFF because IT’S FRICKIN’ MAY ALREADY!  ENOUGH WITH THE SNOW!!!!  GAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

See?  Absolutely lovely!!

And you know what else is awesome about May 1st?  It’s the first day of my birth month and as a result…I get a little bouquet of my own.  It’s a bouquet of birthday wishes…er…coupons from stores I frequent.  Let’s see – there’s a $10-off-anything-costing-$10-or-more coupon from JC Penney’s AND one for the same amount from Cost Plus World Market.  And bumping it up a notch is Vera Bradley with $20 off a purchase of $20 or more.  [Why she’s sending me that sort of coupon is beyond me because I never actually buy stuff there.  I just use their $20 off coupons and get stuff for FREE!…or sometimes six extra dollars of my own money.  But I’m still coming out ahead in that little game, right?  Right??]

And speaking of games…my old frenemy Kohl’s is in the mix with their own $10 off coupon.  But I will NOT fall into that trap.  My husband has expressed his doubts on that with his recent rhetorical, “Yeah…’cause you’ll ONLY spend $10, right?”

But the challenge has been extended.  And accepted.  I will only spend up to the value of each birthday coupon and not a JC Penney’s more!  Or die trying.  Perhaps I have FINALLY found those errands that don’t cost money?!?  Or maybe I’ve just sealed my fate and don’t need a job afterall since I’ll be dead within the month.  Time will tell.  Either way, please wish me Bonne Chance (that’s French for ‘Good Luck!’… NOW HIRE ME ALREADY DAMMIT!!!!)

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