Dream Big, Boy!

As my son was falling asleep the other night (I LOVE these conversations.  They’re the BEST!) he asked me what I do with all my time at home while Teddy (the new puppy) is sleeping.

I gave him a rundown of things like: exercise, clean bathrooms, do laundry, bake desserts, vacuum, volunteer at school, grocery shop, meet friends for lunch, knit.  You know – all the exciting things we Home Moms do.  (Home Mom in the house…keepin’ it real.  Whoop, whoop!!!)

Sensing perhaps that this list wasn’t fulfilling in some “former high-powered Marketing Executive” sort of way, he asked what I REALLY wanted to be doing.  You know.  To have a job.

And I confessed that I’d really like to have a job blogging.

There was such a long pause after that, that I thought he’d fallen asleep.

But then he said, “is that even real?  Is that even a real thing?!”

Hmmmm…this coming from a boy, who – when he was three – wanted to be a “motorcycle guy who sang opera and had an iron claw.”

Yes.  It’s a real thing.

Dream big, boy!  Dream big!!

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