Week 12 – Star Blocks

[Remember: Act surprised.]

This is it, Folks…Week 12 of P90X!!!

And to celebrate, I’ve decided to take a deep dive into some of my favorite exercises.

First up, Star Blocks.

This fun time can be found in the Kenpo X dvd.

It’s a series of FIVE arm moves which are REALLY confusing.  First we stab the corner of the room (Tony’s words, not mine), then we stab the other corner of the room.  [Then I stab Tony Horton AND Wesley lurching around in the back.]  Those are MY words this time.  Too violent?  Naw!

Then swish, swish, swish and step forward.  Whaaaaa?  Whaaaa was that?!?  I was too busy stabbing people with my homemade Jersey Girl shiv and missed all of that.  Ok, focus.  Focus.

First we stab the corner of the room (Tony).  Then we stab the other corner of the room (Wesley).  Then swish, swish, swish and this time our left arm ends up below our waist by our upper thigh.  Wait.  Whaaaaa?!  Why am I TWELVE WEEKS into this and I still can’t get this move?!??

So instead of stabbing all the people I want to stab, I fly away in my head to my Jane Fonda aerobics glory days.  She’s wearing a black leotard with a belt, over top of black lacy tights.  And black suede ankle booties.  It’s the most ludicrous work-out outfit in the history of time, but put a little 80’s dance beat with the moves?  And I catch on to every one (and they’re still stored somewhere in the dark recesses of my brain; wonder what else may have fallen out in the meantime).  I mean, I could aerobicize with Jane to hell and back and rock it all the way.  In fact, I’m doing it right now until all the stabbing is over.

When I’m with Tony?  I can NOT catch on to this sh**.  It’s like I’ve gone to hell.  And I haven’t come back.

So Tony?  Here’s some advice for you.  Take THAT.  And THAT!  And even THAT!!!


FOOD UPDATE for Sunday (Remember?  I’m not going to the store for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!):

  • Breakfast – Donuts bought at the local donut shop as a final good-bye to Spring Break. [THE DONUT SHOP IS NOT CONSIDERED A GROCERY STORE SO ZIP IT!]
  • Lunch – Picnic at the park (ham sandwiches made with ham leftover from Easter, pickles, clementines, chips, Easter candy).
  • Dinner – Individual pepperoni pizzas with a nice salad followed by baked bananas topped with melted Hershey’s kisses, marshmallows and vanilla ice cream.  Like Mom always said: end with a great dessert and nobody knows the difference!  A healthy approach I’m determined to follow.  Rockin’ it!!!

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