I pulled into the school parking lot about 40 minutes before school got out today.  And there were – no joke – 11 cars in car-line already.  Waiting to pick up students…that wouldn’t get out for ANOTHER FORTY MINUTES!!

Ok, I’m struggling to find things to do with my time, but waiting in a hot car for 40+ minutes to pick up my kid isn’t one of them.

Back when I had a job (oooh about a month or so ago) there was this “saying” a friend at work and I invented to describe co-workers who didn’t have enough to do.  Who had too much free time.  We called it TMFFT.  Too much f^*#ing free time.

Every single person in that car line had a bad case of TMFFT today.

And why was I there 40 minutes early you might wonder?  That there is a case of NOYBW.

None of your bee’s wax.

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