Just wanted to quickly update you on my week-end.

I know, I know.  The week-end is outside of stay at home mom blog territory, but in this instance, I’m particularly proud of this data point so wanted to share…

Sonny (My son.  No, not actually named Sonny, just named Sonny HERE for the purposes of this blog and so as to protect his anonymity) and I went to a Mother/Son dance this week-end.  Not just any dance.  A ho-down!

Being a stay at home mom and all, I had time last week to go to the fabric store, get a $3.50 remnant of (crappy, constantly shedding) faux cowhide and make us matching vests!  Yes, matching vests!!  Super cute?  (Or bordering on TMFFT* Crazy Town?!)

Anyway…we both wore black pants, jean shirts, red bandannas and cowboy hats all culled from our closets and…….our matching vests!  Oh – also – unbeknownst to me, Sonny carried a pair of handcuffs (?!), a toy gun, and a sack of rocks(?!??!?!).  Nothing says ho-down like a sack of rocks.  Am I right?  Or am I right?!

I am proud to announce that…wait for it…wait for it…

WE WON!  There was a “best theme dressed” contest and we won.  2-$25 gift cards.  Best ROI of my life.  $50 gain in exchange for an investment of $3.50 on a fabric remnant?  Or should that be ROF?!

Nicely done, stay at home mom!

*Please see previous blog wherein I referred to TMFFT as an abbreviation for Too Much Flippin Free Time.

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