Core Synergistics (Take 2)

Ok.  I lied.  My Core Synergistics blog from a few weeks ago was NOT the final word from me on Core Synergistics.

This is.

I’m still plugging away on this end with P90X.  But I ended up taking several days off last week to go visit my mom for her 75th birthday (Happy Birthday, Mom!).  So I’m re-winding the clock and am putting myself back at 4 more weeks to go.  During this Final Push, I’m gonna give it my all.  My new plan is to cut back my running to ONCE a week.  On the P90X “day off” (when I could “rest” [pssst!  Tony’s version of “resting” is to do his 65 minute X-Stretch video]), I’m gonna run.  And other than that, I’m putting running on the back burner and going full-bore with Tony Horton Crazy Town the other 6 days-of-the-week.

(Oh – and I finally got a pull-up bar.  I think that’s gonna help.  The stretch band was nice and all, but I suspect using it around the leg of the pool table wasn’t giving me the same results as ACTUALLY DOING PULL-UPS!)

But I digress.  Back to our favorite topic of Core Synergistics (which is a made-up phrase, btw.  Made up by the voices in Tony’s head.).  It occurred to me in this Final Push, that if I could just get him to stop nattering on and on during the lost 57 minutes of my day, it would be sooooo much better.  I mean, really, Tony.  Just ZIP IT!

And what to my wondering eyes should appear?  But this nifty little feature Tony offers on his dvd’s wherein I can select 1)Normal, 2)Music Off, 3)Music & Cues and 4) Silence & Cues.

Apparently I’m not the only one who likes to exercise with Tony when Tony SHUTS UP!

So I gave the 3)Music & Cues a try.  I was really pumped that this was gonna be great!


Not so much.

First off, Tony STILL TALKS!  Gaaaah!  What’s that about?!  I thought he’d be quiet for once.  Makes me think I should try 4)Silence & Cues.  But I’d hate to spend an hour hearing nothing but the sound of my grunting and weeping.  Boring.

Secondly, we need to have a quick word about the Music in the 3)Music & Cues option.  Apparently a bad 80’s band escaped through the time portal to arrive in 2013 and sell Tony some terrible syncopated music.  Don’t tell me you couldn’t afford better, Tony.

Finally, to cap off the whole on-going horribleness.  Dreya’s still there.  I thought by now she would have patented her Dreya Roll and moved on to greener pastures.  But no.  She’s still there.  All cute and ripped and doing Tony’s dirty work.  EFF OFF ALREADY, DREYA!

And I told you before, Tony.  NO MORE JUMPING JACKS, ya jackdaw!!!  At this point I’d like to suggest a 5th option: 5)Listen to me already; AND Silence – except when you break your silence to tell me when I’m gonna get skinny.

Yeah.  I’m selecting that option next time.

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