Accidental Donut

If you think this is going to be a blog about what to do if a donut accidentally lands in your mouth, then you’re sadly mistaken.  That kindof stuff almost never happens to me.  (Unless I throw a donut into my own mouth quick-as-lighting and then act surprised at how it got there.  Where on EARTH did that donut come from?!)

No, no.  THIS accidental donut story is not THAT accidental donut story.  That story is at a different blog.  You should probably go there if you are looking for tips on how to handle donuts that accidentally land in your mouth.

THIS story is for those who read Garth Stein’s “The Art of Racing in the Rain” and know that dogs can talk, and also that your car goes where your eyes go.  And sometimes your eyes?  Are all googly like and you just want to go to a place where you can start over.

Let me explain:  It’s been snowing for the last few days here in Colorado.  And it’s been like 2 degrees.  And yes, I’m so, so serious about the 2 degrees.  I just checked the Weather Channel.  But life goes on despite the total crap weather, so the kids and I headed out a bit early this morning to get to school.  Oh, Hubby?!  He’s on a business trip to Chicago.  Where they are actually having BETTER weather than Colorado.  Go figure.  

The kids and I take the same route we always take, only slower.  And as I’m coming around a corner on a deserted street where there are no other tire tracks marring the newly fallen snow, the car goes into a complete 180ᵒ spin.  Having read “The Art of Racing in the Rain” myself, I’m trying to get a lock on where exactly I want my car to go.  Not that curb.  Nope, not that curb either.  I was very calm in the moment; there was no fear.  Turns out that what they say is true: everything slows down and seems to happen in a dream sequence.  Also?  The car has already been completely totaled, so I didn’t really care WHAT happened to it.  That wasn’t even a factor.  I just wanted to make sure the kids got out of the situation ok.  And yes, the car has literally been totaled.  It’s another flippin’ Colorado weather story having to do with volunteering at school and a massive hail storm.  FLIPPIN’ COLORADO WEATHER!!!  It’s then that I realized I just wanted to start that turn all over again.  If I could just get…back…to where I started, it would all be ok.  At which point Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride reached its conclusion and the car came to a shuddering halt. 

And we WERE back.  We were right EXACTLY back where I started the turn in the first place.  Well, except for that part about completely facing the opposite direction.  Huh.  That’s way weird.  That dog in the book, Enzo, really knew what he was talking about.

I turn to the kids in the back seat to make sure everyone’s ok and I realize that weird clicking noises are coming out of Sonny’s dry-as-dust throat.  “Sweetheart?  Are you hurt?  Are you OK?!?” 

To which he replies, “Now I’m really worried about Dad’s plane getting in today!” 

“Don’t worry, Sweetie.  I won’t be driving it so I’m sure it’ll come in safely.”

Meanwhile, Sissy is sitting beside Sonny exclaiming, “WOW!  Was that a DONUT?!??  I think we just did a donut.  WAS that a donut??!” in the same voice one uses once they realize Bucket List business is happenin’ – goin’ down right here, right NOW.

Why yes.  Yes it was.  It was a donut.  I just did a donut.  Accidentally.  An accidental donut.