Ashes, ashes…we all fall down!

Today is Ash Wednesday, which means Lent starts now!  No…now!  Wait.  Ok, NOW!!!

Did you know that instead of giving UP something for Lent, you can DO something??  This year, my Lenten Resolution is to be a kinder, gentler, more loving mother.

Lenten Resolution Day 1?  I saddled up that horse and rode it the he** outta Dodge before 7:15 this morning.  Much yelling about missing belts and uncombed hair does not make for a kinder, gentler mother.  Nor does the “IF YOU MISS YOUR CARPOOL RIDE I’M NOT DRIVING YOU TO SCHOOL!” (all in caps for a reason) sort of verbiage.  But Hey!  If you’re gonna dance around naked in your room butchering the words to the National Anthem up until 5 minutes before carpool is due, mean mother comes to roost and I can’t be held responsible for what she says.

So then I went to church to get the cremated-remains-of-dead-people ashes smeared on my forehead in the approximation of a cross.  (Ok, ok.  I’m kidding.  It’s not dead people ashes.  It’s dead pet ashes.  Ugh.  Ok.  Still kidding.  It’s burned palms leftover from Palm Sunday.  Happy now?  I thought the dead-people-ashes made a way better story.  Kindof like a crazy Catholic equivalent to Celtic blue face-paint glimpsed across the field of battle, but whatever, you sticklers for the truth!)  And I got talking to a mom-friend who told me that Lent doesn’t actually start until you get your ashes.

Holy reprieve, Batman!  (get it?  HOLY??  Hardy har har.  Pun totally intended!  Am I good, or what?!)

More Loving Mother starts NOW!  Wait!!!  oknow.  No.  NOW!!!!!!

This TOTALLY looks like a cross, right?

This TOTALLY looks like a cross, right?

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